Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting & Financing

Invoice discounting can give your company advanced access to funds owed on outstanding sales invoices. 90% of invoice value can be paid to you within the next working day from first raising an invoice. Invoice discounting is similar to factoring but it gives a business more control over collecting its outstanding monies and credit control systems.

The amount of cash released by invoice discounting can be increased if extra assets are also considered: such as stock, plant & machinery, buildings and land.

Invoice Discounting Can Benefit You In Several Ways

  • It provides extra working capital to reinvest back into your business
  • It grows in accordance with your company so no need to constantly renegotiate or take on more debts
  • It's priced competitively in comparison to loans and overdrafts.
  • Allows you to respond faster to opportunities in the market
  • You can receive cash from an invoice often within 24 hours of raising

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Is Invoice Discounting Right For You?

  • Does your company sell goods or services via credit?
  • Do you hold large levels of stock which ties up your cash?
  • Do you develop new products and goods?
  • Do you feel that the finances to help fund growth are often tied up in your unpaid invoices?

If you answered yes to any of these then invoice discounting and financing could be right for your company to release cash and help fund future growth.

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